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Concordia Newcastle Newsletter

Concordia Newcastle Newsletter

2021 Newsletters

From the Presidents Desk - Toni Somerville.

Dear Readers, our July function, even though less members attended, was great. We did the right thing by sitting apart, wearing our face-masks, staying seated at the tables and not standing around talking. Thank you everyone. Joop's entertainment was, as usual, very enjoyable.

Sadly we need to let you know that our 64th birthday function in September has been cancelled. This is due to renovations happening at the RSL club in September. We usually give our Father's a small gift on the day. We hope to be able to give you the gift at our Christmas function, all being well and depending on Covid. Also then we may treat our members who have paid their 2021-2022 memberships to a free lunch. Committee will discuss it at a later date.

Celebrations for the remainder of the year depends on Covid, even for our St Nicholas this year. I hope you appreciate that it is so difficult to make decisions ahead now. I write this in particular about St Nicholas this year as it takes a lot of organisation, buying groceries and raffle prizes, lots of baking etc. Fingers crossed so we can give the children and adults another very special Dutch Day in the Park early December. The children missed the day very much last year. May I mention that it will be 50 years that our St Nicholas has been, first as a ‘Zwarte Piet,’ yes it was allowed then, and already for some years our St Nicholas. Thank you very much Terry, over the years you have given children and adults so much pleasure and fabulous memories to treasure.

We are not sure if we can have our AGM at the usual Mennonite Church Hall in October. We have thought of postponing it like last year. If more is known we will inform you. Our committee member, Martin van Laerhoven has resigned for personal reasons. We will miss Martin and we thank him most sincerely for his time in the committee.

Did you watch the Olympic Games? Sadly there were no spectators allowed due to Covid. Even so all athletes were amazing. They were all winners in my eyes as their dedication and determination is amazing.

Dad always said, If the Dutch are playing against the Aussies, we can't lose. We are always winners. I thought of his words while watching Australia and Netherland in a canoe race, forgot the proper name. Australia just beat the Netherlands. Same in some swimming race. Both countries did very well, so richly deserved. We are in the second week of a lock-down in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and other close areas as I write this piece. On the ABC, early one morning recently, there was a very interesting and frightening program about long term health of people who have been severely infected with the Covid Delta strain. In particular the younger population. There is no silver bullet. Prevention is best. Get vaccinated and stay home is what we hear continually. If only everyone did that.

Take care, keep well and stay safe.

Until the next edition. Ton


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